Understanding an Optical Image Profiler (OIP)

The Optical Image Profiler is a powerful tool from GeoProbe’s Direct Imaging toolkit. The OIP probe contains a UV-light emitting semiconductor. As the OIP probe is advanced by direct push drilling operations, free phase petroleum (LNAPL) is induced to fluoresce by the UV-light. A small camera within the probe (beneath a sapphire window) is able to capture images of the fluoresced LNAPL. The OIP software then provides a log of percent area fluorescence (%AF). Until recently, images and data such as that which the OIP tool can provide have not been available. By taking advantage of the new technology available, we are able to better understand LNAPL behavior. Even more importantly, we can better define the plume, migratory pathways, hydraulic conductivity, and lithology, leading to smarter and more efficient remediation decisions!

If you are new to this technology, feel free to contact our office line and we can schedule a short webinar/presentation to further explain the capabilities of the Optical Image Profiler. In addition, we can also touch base on Eagle Synergistic’s other HRSC subsurface imaging tools including: the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), and Electrical Conductivity dipole (EC).

If you have a site that could benefit from subsurface investigation or need more information, feel free to contact us anytime!