Eagle Synergistic Opens West Coast Location

In the wake of their recent growth, Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies will be expanding to San Jose, CA at the end of Q1 of 2020.

Eagle Synergistic is a nationwide company, and with the additional location and mobile unit on the West Coast, Eagle Synergistic will have better capability to quickly mobilize and continue to provide excellent service for our west coast HRSC clients.  “Our staff are some of the best in the business with extensive and diverse experience.” says President Janet Castle. “Eagle Synergistic’s High Resolution Site Characterization Specialist Team has over 30 years experience in subsurface imaging, logging, sampling, consulting, 3-D modeling, geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics to better serve your needs and help you to meet your goals.”

Eagle Synergistic is a fast growing company that can expertly assist you in optimizing your environmental phase and remediation phase by utilizing successful and cutting edge technologies. Founded several years ago, Eagle Synergistic provides the latest in subsurface imaging technology. By utilizing the newest technology in advanced site characterization tools (ASCT) to increase accuracy and amount of critical data in the investigative phase, you can make a more informed decision in your remediation phase. Eagle Synergistic offers a wide array of subsurface imaging services, including Mip/MiHPT, Oip/OiHPT, OiHPT-G, EC, HPT, LL-Mip, Discrete Groundwater Sampling Tool, 3D Visualization & Modeling.

One important aspect that differentiates Eagle Synergistic from competitors is the experienced technical team and extensive expertise in reading and interpreting the data. We purposely do not own drill rigs and solely stay specialized technical experts. Instead, we subcontract your local DPT/CPT operators to only push our tools into the surface, while the HRSC technical experts run the subsurface imaging equipment and teams. Eagle Synergistic will assist you with the data and mapping the extent of the contamination in the subsurface. You can be on site receiving real time data in one of our Command Center Mobile Offices or back at your office receiving raw data from the field. By obtaining an enormous amount of scientific data quickly, we’ll help you to save costs while locating edges, thickness, and sources of plume contamination, within continuous vertical lithology and hydrological properties.

Throughout 2020, Eagle Synergistic plans to open new locations on the East Coast. Follow on LinkedIn to stay updated with our new developments!

To learn more, visit www.eaglesynergistic.com, or call 303-305-7783.