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President and Founder of Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies

President and Founder

Janet Castle, President and Founder of Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC, is proud to announce the excellent and experienced Eagle Synergistic TEAM! Our High Resolution Site Characterization Specialist Team has over 30 years experience in subsurface imaging, logging, sampling, consulting, 3-D modeling, geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics.  We are here to assist you in optimizing your environmental phase and your remediation phase by utilizing successful and cutting edge technologies.  We are a dynamic team with highly qualified and experienced personnel to better serve your needs and help you to meet your goals.

HRSC Specialists Team & Technologies

We work to utilize HRSC technology to “see” contamination plumes in order to help you efficiently remediate your site.  We take the guesswork out of it. With our services, you’ll save time and money upfront.

High Resolution tools have been around for a long time, rapidly evolving over the last few years. Many companies have begun to include ancillary services such as High-Resolution Site Characterization, as a path to becoming the forefront in site remediation. At Eagle Synergistic, we have prioritized High Res tools as our expertise, purposely keeping our goal precise. The safety of our world and public health has been compromised by contaminated water and our goal is to help restore it.

Janet Castle, the founder of Eagle Synergistic, has specialized in optimizing sites for most of her career. Janet and the rest of the Eagle Synergistic team are very passionate and emphatic that we do our part to help fix the world's groundwater contamination sources and protect the health of our communities and environment.

HRSC field work

HRSC Subsurface Imaging Technologies

  • MIP/HPT- Membrane Interface Probe with Electrical Conductivity & Hydraulic Profiling Tool
  • OIP- Optical Image Profiler & Electrical Conductivity
  • OIHPT- Oip with Hydraulic Profiling Tool
  • LLMIP - Low Level Mip Detector
  • OIP-G - coming soon
  • DPT Water Sampling Technology
  • Quantitative Soil Sampling Partners
  • Highly Successful Remediation Products/Methods Alignment
  • 3-D Modeling Services

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