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Soil Vapor Sampling

Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC looks forward to assisting you with vapor intrusion services. Contact us for upcoming needs!

How does Eagle Synergistic analyze my home or building?

Three easy steps for analyzing Vapor Intrusion:

  1. First, we’ll assist and coordinate with your insurance company to discuss investigations using passive sampling, active sampling, or by combining HRSC technology with the investigation.
  2. Next, we can gather samples and perform a lab analysis on site and / or send the samples to a certified lab for verification. We will handle all aspects of the investigation, and work with your insurance company to find potential carcinogenic vapor levels.
  3. Next, we can provide mitigation and remediation recommendations or completions to remove soil and/or soil vapors. These can be completed before new construction begins, around previously standing structures, or within current buildings and homes.

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