Suburface Imaging

Understanding the Groundwater Sampler (GWS)

One of the newest HRSC tools, the Groundwater Sampler (GWS), allows operators to create an injection pressure log, while also being able to stop and take multiple discrete groundwater samples at various depths. The probe body houses 20 injection/collection screens and the operator uses two 1/4-inch water lines, one is designated for injecting, and the…

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Understanding a Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

The Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) is another powerful tool from GeoProbe’s Direct Imaging toolkit. The MIP allows operators to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the soil. As the MIP tool is advanced by direct push drilling, a heater block that houses a semipermeable membrane is heated to a set point, typically around 120 degrees…

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Understanding an Optical Image Profiler (OIP)

The Optical Image Profiler is a powerful tool from GeoProbe’s Direct Imaging toolkit. The OIP probe contains a UV-light emitting semiconductor. As the OIP probe is advanced by direct push drilling operations, free phase petroleum (LNAPL) is induced to fluoresce by the UV-light. A small camera within the probe (beneath a sapphire window) is able…

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