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We specialize in optimizing your investigation phase with new technology.
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With over 25 years of experience, our team of HRSC site characterization professionals at Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC upholds the highest quality standards in our work. We have a variety of professionals and scientists with experience in subsurface imaging, logging, direct imaging, 3D modeling, geology, geophysics, and hydrogeology.

We work with environmental consultants and governmental agencies to quickly investigate contaminated sites, both laterally and vertically. Our subsurface imaging tools allow us to measure a variety of properties, while working in a dynamic triad approach. We are able to obtain several property indicators, such as soil types, estimated hydraulic conductivity, contamination, and more on a real time basis. We are also experts at building 3D models based on our collected data to further assist you in making more informed decisions for your remediation phase.


Eagle Synergistic was formed due to the critical need to optimize remediation phases by utilizing enhanced investigative technologies. Within the industry, we knew there needed to be a better business model to help ensure our HRSC specialists were just that... "specialists". We purposefully do not have ancillary types of business, but solely focus on advanced site characterization data. We have a fleet of HRSC Command Center mobile units that house the detectors, probes, truck lines, GC, steel rods, etc.  Basically we have all the technical equipment and technical specialists that run and analyze the subsurface imaging data.  We team up with or subcontract the DPT or CPT companies that only push our probes into the subsurface. We are not drillers and never will be. We teach our drillers the rate to push our tools and when to pause basically.  We believe that advanced site characterization tools (ASCT) require such a technical focus that they should be operated by those who truly are HRSC and ASCT specialists. Hence our team of site characterization specialists will provide you with the highest quality subsurface imaging data for your investigative phase. Additionally, we will educate you through the process and post project, so you are better informed during your crucial remediation decisions.

Our Services

HRSC Tools & Detectors

Geoprobe Mip_design
The latest in subsurface imaging technology.

We utilize the newest technology in advanced site characterization tools (ASCT) to increase critical data in the investigative phase, so that you can make a more informed decision in your remediation phase. We offer a wide array of subsurface imaging services, including Mip/MiHPT, Oip/OiHPT, OiHPT-G, EC, HPT, LL-Mip, Discreet Groundwater Sampling Tool, 3D Visualization & Modeling.

Subsurface Imaging Data

High Resolution Site Characterization.

Utilizing our subsurface imaging logging tools & detectors, Eagle Synergistic can assist you with optimizing your investigative phase. Live log data indicating properties such as: soil type, permeability, conductivity, contamination, and more. You can receive this data live on site or virtually in your office. Our experienced team will assist you with the data and mapping the extent of the contamination in the subsurface.

3D Modeling

A 3D Subsurface Imaging Modeling of a site showing the layers and gamma measurements below the surface of a property.
Optimize your investigative phase.

Eagle Synergistic's Team has numerous years experience in optimizing projects with 3D visualization programs. Our critical approach includes the ability for skilled geologists to utilize the data, integrate the capabilities of geological modeling software, and simulate your project in 3D modeling videos. Eagle Synergistic is utilizing Ctech's, and Rockware's 3D modeling software to assist you with optimizing your investigative phase.

Remediation Phase Optimization

High Resolution Site Characterization & Subsurface Imaging professionals in the field.
Accurate subsurface imaging data, delivered fast.

Our experienced team will assist you with the data and mapping the extent of the contamination in the subsurface. You can be on site receiving real time data in one of our Command Center Mobile Offices or back at your office receiving raw data from the field. By obtaining an enormous amount of scientific data quickly, we'll help you to save costs while locating edges and sources of plume contamination.

One of the newest HRSC tools, the Groundwater Sampler (GWS), allows us to take multiple discrete groundwater samples at various depths.
Groundwater Sampler -  Used for
PFAS & PFOAs applications

In order to enable clients to address these concerns, Eagle Synergistic has developed PFAS-specific sampling guidelines for our Hydraulic Profiling Tool-Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GWS) per the EPA guidelines. The HPT-GWS also allows for the collection of hydrogeological data in real-time, enabling Eagle Synergistic to identify and define potential migratory pathways and confining intervals throughout groundwater sample collection.

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