High Resolution Site Characterization / Optimizing Technologies

HRSC Subsurface Imaging

The latest in subsurface imaging technology.

We utilize the newest technology in advanced site characterization tools (ASCT) to increase critical data in the investigative phase, so that you can make a more informed decision in your remediation phase. We offer a wide array of subsurface imaging services, including Mip/MiHPT, Oip/OiHPT, OiHPT-G, EC, HPT, LL-Mip, Discreet Groundwater Sampling Tool, 3D Visualization & Modeling.

DPT Drilling Services

Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling

With our fleet of 7822 Geoprobe rigs with augers, we complete direct push services for the Environmental and Geotechnical industries. Our rigs are also capable of air and mud rotary. With 25+ combined years of experience, and two locations in Colorado Springs and Golden, our drilling team will be able to assist with many of your drilling needs.

3D Modeling

Optimize your investigative phase.

Eagle Synergistic’s critical approach allows us to combine our High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) data with soil and groundwater samples to create informative 3D visualizations. Our 3D modeling specialists work to meet your goals with interpolation and integration of HRSC data, confirmation sampling, and traditional sampling to create a very accurate model. Large amounts of data organized visually helps to understand and design a more accurate CSM.


One of the newest HRSC tools, the Groundwater Sampler (GWS), allows us to take multiple discrete groundwater samples at various depths.
Groundwater Sampler -  Used for PFAS & PFOAs applications

In order to enable clients to address these concerns, Eagle Synergistic has developed PFAS-specific sampling guidelines for our Hydraulic Profiling Tool-Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GWS) per the EPA guidelines. The HPT-GWS also allows for the collection of hydrogeological data in real-time, enabling Eagle Synergistic to identify and define potential migratory pathways and confining intervals throughout groundwater sample collection.

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion (2)
Soil Vapor Sampling

Vapor intrusion occurs when there is a migration of vapor-forming chemicals from any subsurface source into an overlying building or home. This figure depicts the migration of vapors from contaminated soil and groundwater into homes. See how Eagle Synergistic uses HRSC tools to analyze Vapor Intrusion.



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