3D Modeling Services

A 3D Subsurface Imaging Modeling of a site showing the layers and gamma measurements below the surface of a property.

Optimizing Technologies - 3D Modeling & Visualizations Service

Eagle Synergistic’s critical approach allows us to combine our High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) data with any historical soil, groundwater, or monitoring well data, integrate everything within our modeling software, and interpolate and extrapolate your site within a 3-Dimensional model. Eagle Synergistic uses C Tech and Rockware 3D software to assist you in further optimizing your investigative phase.

Three-dimensional (3D) modeling technology is extremely useful to help organize and visualize large amounts of data collected from fieldwork investigations. 3D maps and models help predict the soil mechanics, understand migratory pathways, and assess your subsurface plume, as well as determine potential risks and concerns on any given site.

The models helps our clients design more efficient remediation systems, assist governmental regulators in decision making, and aid the legal industry by explaining complex geologic concepts to the non-scientific community. Showing the data at multiple angles and perspectives reveals complexities in the subsurface that static two-dimensional images never could.

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