3D Modeling Services

Eagle Synergistic professionals working on 3D Modeling Data.

3D Modeling & Visualization


Eagle Synergistic’s critical approach allows us to combine our High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) data with soil and groundwater samples. Our HRSC 3-D modeling specialists work to meet your goals with interpolation and integration of HRSC data, confirmation sampling, and traditional sampling to create a very accurate 3-Dimensional model.


»  Clients can be confident in designing a more accurate CSM
»  More accurate remediation decisions are made (clear picture)
»  Consultants can easily educate their clients with visuals of the COCs,        lithology, and hydrogeological properties
»  Models can assist governmental regulators in decision making
»  Aids the legal industry by explaining complex geologic concepts to           the non-scientific community


»  Organize & visualize large amounts of data collected from fieldwork investigations
»  Helps to understand migratory pathways
»  Fate and Transport models are completed with accuracy
»  Determine potential risks and concerns more accurately
»  Thousands of data points vs. a handful of traditional dilluted points
»  3-D videos and visualizations are easily viewed and shared by client

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