PFAS & PFOA Groundwater Sampling

One of the newest HRSC tools, the Groundwater Sampler (GWS), allows us to take multiple discrete groundwater samples at various depths.

PFAS Groundwater Contamination Testing


The new threat of the PFAS emerging contaminant crisis has the public wondering about the potential impact the "forever chemical" has on their lives.

In order to enable clients to address these concerns, Eagle Synergistic has developed PFAS-specific sampling guidelines for our Hydraulic Profiling Tool-Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GWS) per the EPA guidelines. The HPT-GWS also allows for the collection of hydrogeological data in real-time, enabling Eagle Synergistic to identify and define potential migratory pathways and confining intervals throughout groundwater sample collection.

Using our upgraded HPT-GWS tooling, it is possible to identify potential migratory pathways and confining intervals in real time as the tool is advanced through the subsurface, while maintaining the ability to collect discrete groundwater samples at any time.

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