3D Modeling Visualizations to Enhance Your Conceptual Site Models

HRSC subsurface data tools such as the MIP or OIP can help identify  contamination that exists at most  environmental remediation sites. While this technology is shaping the future of site characterization and remediation designs, one project  can generate thousands of data points. Tables and reports can be difficult to interpret and your contamination plume can…

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PFAS Drinking Water Contamination Testing Comes with Unique Challenges

At Eagle Synergistic, we are constantly re-evaluating and improving our methodologies and processes to address industry concerns and trends. When it comes to emerging contaminants, Eagle Synergistic is ever vigilant. According to the USGS, “Emerging contaminants” can refer to many kinds of chemicals, including medicines, personal care or household cleaning products, lawn care and agricultural…

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Eagle Synergistic Opens West Coast Location

In the wake of their recent growth, Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies will be expanding to San Jose, CA at the end of Q1 of 2020. Eagle Synergistic is a nationwide company, and with the additional location and mobile unit on the West Coast, Eagle Synergistic will have better capability to quickly mobilize and continue to…

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