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HRSC Specialists Team & Technologies

Subsurface Imaging Technologies:

  •       Mip/Hpt- Membrane Interface       Probe with Electrical Conductivity       & Hydraulic Profiling Tool
  •       Oip - Optical Image Profiler &       Electrical Conductivity
  •       OiHPT- Oip with Hydraulic       Profiling Tool
  •       LLMip - Low Level Mip Detector
  •       Oip-G - coming soon
  • DPT Water Sampling Technology
  • Quantitative Soil Sampling Partners
  • Highly Successful Remediation Products/Methods Alignment
  • 3-D Modeling Services

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HRSC Specialist Team

Janet Castle, President and Founder of Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC, is proud to announce the excellent and experienced Eagle Synergistic TEAM! Our HRSC Specialist Team has over 30 years experience in subsurface imaging, logging, sampling, consulting, 3-D modeling, geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics.  We are here to assist you in optimizing your environmental phase and your remediation phase by utilizing successful and cutting edge technologies.  We are a dynamic team with highly qualified and experienced personnel to better serve your needs and help you to meet your goals.

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HRSC Subsurface Technology

We are partnered with highly skilled direct push drilling companies to provide you with more efficient service at a competitive price.  Our HRSC specialists/geologists and field technicians can mobilize our subsurface imaging tools and detectors to any site.  We pride ourselves in timeliness, efficiency, and professionalism. Eagle is also partnered with leading service companies, such as AST, Alpine, and more.  We continue to strive to align ourselves with the best in the industry to better serve our clients and their projects needs.

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Excellent Screening Tools and Live Data still needs HRSC sampling for Quantitative Data.

We have aligned with RPI's lab in Golden, Co, to assist you with obtaining quantitative soil sampling at low costs!

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Successful and Cutting Edge Products and Methods

Eagle Synergistic has an "eagle eye" out for the top technologies that will assist you with optimizing your investigative and remediation phases. We will only recommend highly successful products and methods. (More information will be coming soon.)

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Eagle Synergistic HRSC Specialist & 3-D modeling Team

Eagle Synergistic is honored to have our team growing with experienced geologists and environmental scientists.  Our HRSC field/3-D modeling teams are now comprised of individuals with over 50 years combined experienced. We are very happy to provide you with outstanding service, technology, timing, and pricing.

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