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Investigative HRSC Subsurface Imaging Data - Service

Utilizing our subsurface imaging logging tools & detectors, Eagle Synergistic can assist you with optimizing your investigative phase. Live log data indicating properties such as: soil type, permeability, conductivity, contamination, and more. You can receive this data live on site or virtually in your office. Our experienced team will assist you with the data and mapping the extent of the contamination in the subsurface.

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Optimizing Technologies - 3-D Modeling Service

3D Modeling Visualization Services:

 Eagle Synergistic's Team has numerous years experience in optimizing projects with 3-D visualization programs.  Our critical approach includes the ability for skilled geologists to utilize the data, integrate the capabilities of geological modeling software, and simulate your project in 3-D modeling videos.  Eagle Synergistic is utilizing Ctech's, and Rockware's 3-D modeling software to assist you with optimizing your investigative phase.

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  • EC:  Electrical Conductivity
  • Mip:  Membrane Interface Probe
  • LL Mip:  Low Level
  • MiHpt:  combined Mip-Hpt 
  • Oip:  Optical Imaging Profiler
  • OiHpt:  combined Oip-Hpt
  • Oip-G: coming soon

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HRSC Tools & Detectors

Utilizing the newest technology in subsurface imaging services to increase critical data in the investigative phase, so that you can make a more informed decision in your remediation phase.  Click below for more information on each specific technology.

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Aligning ourselves with cutting edge technologies and top scientists in the industry.

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High Res Site Characterization

Collecting more data to improve your conceptual site-models using tools such as MIP, MiHPT, & OIP

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The new probe detects volatile contaminants with the MIP, measures soil electrical conductivity with a standard (MIP) dipole array, and measures HPT injection pressure using the same down-hole transducer as the Geoprobe® stand-alone HPT system.  In post-processing the log data with Geoprobe® DI Viewer software, the user is able to estimate hydraulic conductivity (K) and water table elevation, as well as prepare graphical outputs of the log data.



This equipment can be divided into two basic categories: surface instrumentation (OIP interface, data acquisition, and HPT controller), and downhole probes (including probes, trunklines, connectors, etc.)

  • OP6100 OIP Interface: This instrument regulates, controls and monitors power to the OIP power supply and sends the system control signals to the downhole tools.  Images from the down hole camera are collected by the instrumnet and relayed to the computer via a USB connection.
  • FI6000: Data acquisition instrument, acquires depth, EC, and HPT data if avilable and relays it to the computer via a USB connection. The FI6000 is the general data acquisition instrument used in all Geoprobe® DI logging systems (EC and HPT). It also provides the electrical conductivity measurement system associated with OIP.
  • K6300 Series HPT Controller (Optional): This instrument regulates and measures injection water flow and pressure to the OIHPT probe.  Data from this controller is sent to the FI6000 via a data cable.



RPI Support Lab - Extra Scientific Proof, Not extra cost

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DPT Providers

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RPI Support Lab & Products

Add Necessary Quantitative Data to your HRSC 3D Models and more...

Eagle Synergistic is aligned with RPI laboratory in Golden, Colorado to provide analytical support for RPI Group projects in America and beyond. RPI's Project Support Laboratory provides GCMS and/or selected inorganic analyses at no charge before, during, and after projects. In addition, the laboratory provides quality control for RPI products and conducts research and new product development on an ongoing basis.

RPI leads the charge when it comes to innovation in remediation.  RPI's methods are often replicated—never duplicated. 

The power of Trap & Treat® isn’t just in the bag (or drum). It’s in a three-pronged approach rooted in high-density conceptual site modeling, expert design and installation and the most effective products on the market.They work closely with you from start to finish with approved installers, such as AST Environmental, Alpine, and others. Contact us for further details - ( Mip MiHPT OIP)