High Resolution Site Characterization

Eagle Synergistic professionals screening and analyzing HRSC and subsurface imaging data to understand the soil quality of a property for an environmental site assessment.

Optimize Your Investigative Phase

Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC looks forward to assisting you in optimizing your investigative phase. Using advanced HRSC (high resolution site characterization), we perform environmental site assessments by using the latest and most proven tools and technologies.

Our versatile and dynamic team brings over 30 years of experience to the table. We've worked extensively in subsurface imaging, logging, sampling, consulting, 3D modeling, geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics.

Site Characterization/Subsurface Imaging Tools We Use


: Membrane Interface Probe.


: Membrane Interface Probe-Hydraulic Profiling Tool.


: Optical Imaging Profiler.


: Optical Imaging Hydraulic Profiling Tool.


: Electrical Conductivity.


: Hydraulic Profiling Tool.


: Portable Gas Chromatograph.

HRSC Subsurface Imaging Data

Utilizing our subsurface imaging logging tools & detectors, Eagle Synergistic can assist you with optimizing your investigative phase with live log data, indicating properties such as: soil type, permeability, conductivity, contamination, and more. You can receive this data live on-site or virtually in your office. Our experienced team will assist you with the data and mapping the extent of the contamination in the subsurface.

Example of what a typical MIP log would include, indicating the extent and depth of soil contamination. This log was obtained on a fuel hydrocarbon contaminated which is confirmed by the lack of response on the XSD, which does not respond to fuel hydrocarbons and other non-halogenated compounds. The EC log indicates there is a transition from fine grain to coarse grain soil unit at this depth.

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